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Who we are

We are a Saudi company that was established 40 years ago and works in the following fields: general contracting, trade in foodstuffs, agricultural crops and fodder, and logistics services.

Our services

We always look forward to providing the best services through its professional administrative and technical team with the aim of satisfying and increasing the confidence of our customers

Al-Sumiri Comany

Why you prefer us ?

Satisfaction of our customers first

Accuracy and honesty in dealing

Constant communication 24/7

Professional work team

We come to you wherever you are

We use the latest methods

Words we are proud of

It was an honor to deal with you, thank you for the credibility, speed of response and honesty
Hamad Al-Qahtani
company manager
Thank you very much for the hospitality, classy dealings and credibility at work. Thank you
Nawaf bin Hamad
An excellent company, respected, highly credible, professional at work and a great team
Mohammed bin Harith
marketing manager

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We are always happy to receive your messages and inquiries throughout the day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through the means of communication with us below.

Our clients

Government agencies we are honored to work with

Non-governmental organizations, the private sector

The Olayan family in Riyadh

Sheikh Muhammad Mastoor Al Harthy

Sheikh Saad Maimouni